nice quotes :)

I`m pretty but I`m not beautiful
I sin but I`m not the devil
I`m good but I`m not an angel
[Marilyn Monroe]

It`s the hardest thing in the world to explain
It`s not something you learn in school
If you haven`t learned the meaning of friendship
You really haven`t learned anything...

It wasn`t by accident
But God`s plan
That we wound up Being Friends

True friend are hard to find
harder to leave and impossible to forget

I`m not perfect
I`ll annoy you
Tick you off, say stupid things
then take them back
Put all that inside
You`ll never find a girl that cares and loves you,,  more than me..
Say what you want
Do as you please
But I`m not the type of girl whos gonna brakdown and crash
because of one thing you say to me
I`m strong.. I`m independent
I hold my own head upp

*dari berbagai sumber


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