Indonesia Has This Beautiful Islands (Read : Rintja and Kelor Islands)

Rintja and Kelor Islands, both of them was unpredictable journey. In my planning, Kelimut Lake was the end point and after visiting that lake I had to go to Labuan Bajo as soon as possible I could. But, I arrived to Labuan Bajo one day earlier so I need 'something' to spend my day. Suddenly I joined with that trip and become the only one Indonesian on that trip. :')

On Rintja Island, (we could meet with 'komodo'). I prefer Rintja than Komodo Island because of the time. When we went to Komodo Island, it needed 3-4 hours but when we went to Rintja Island we only need 2 hours. Moreover I just have one day to do this trip. There, I could find 3-4 'komodo', besides that we had to tracking around the island to find that komodo. I do love the view there. Really amazing. 

After that, we went to Kelor Island, another beautiful island. Speechless.

Rintja Island


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