Let`s Get Lost!

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve (Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist)
That beautful quote (for me) is locked in my brain and heart. Like what I felt in the end of 2013. After had really really busy days for almost a year, I needed a sweet escape. Something different from my last journey, not too far, no solobackpacker ( I needed friends in this sweet escape) and could spend new year eve in somewhere. And Thanks Rabb, I was not lonely again in this escape, I had mates, Non Putu and Teh Khalida. Non Putu is a friend of mine, I know her since I was in my first year in my college and Teh Khalida is Non Putu`s friend.  

Actually, we made the itinerary just from chatting, I - who was in Lampung and Non Putu - who was in Bandung, were separated by Sunda Strait. We arranged our journey by phone. After had a good itinerary (fyi : we went to EAST JAVA for exploring some national parks there and wanna spent our New Year Eve in Dien), we were confused about the transportation. Yeah, our holiday was coincide with long holiday for celebrating New Year Eve. Suddenly, all of the train ticket was sold out whereas the train was the cheapest public transportation. Because we did not want our holiday was cancelled, we tried another public transportation - and our choice was BUS (we needed to spent more money for the ticket, but it`s OK considering there were none choice for us). So, hello EAST JAVA! :)

Like what Paulo said that universe conspires in helping you to achieve, our journey by bus was totally amazing. I was really amazed with the view - sunrise, sunset, mountain, sea were the scenery I`d seen during my journey. Whereas the weather in the west of java was always rain, but in East Java there were no rain. Thanks Rab :).

I wanna share about our journey not in detail in this post, later I will post specifically about every places I had been visited.

The main thing is having journey with new people making different stories too, like how non Putu always bring her make up everywhere we go :* , Teh Khalida who get fever in the journey, I - who hiked to the Mt. Prau without both of them, joined with another team - wanted to see first sun in 2014 but I just see mist every where, and we went to Bali just for having a breakfast then went back to Banyuwangi after that. Hihiii

Thanks to both of you Non Putu Teh Khalida .
Let`s get lost again :)

with Non Putu, Yeay, MAAR`s girls explored East Java! :')

Teh Khalida dan Non Putu

Masjid di salah satu daerah di Banyuwangi


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