2013 is not as special as 2012, as sweet as 2011, but in this year there was an unforgettable moment, maybe it could happen once in my life (but it`s still possible it gonna happen some years later, who knows?). although I`d to skip some journeys but still Thanks Rabb for this gretaest year.

Well, let`s flashback from the beginning of 2013 until this december. 

Finally, I got a chance to do my last thesis in one of a multinational company. Thanks Rabb :) . Got a great experience, learned a very very new things, had new friends were the big things in this month. And I could reach Eastern Indonesia (could I say Eastern Indonesia? or Middle Indonesia?) for the first time too. Sumbawa, one of the place I wanna go and being my favourite place to hunt the sunset! I`m totally falling in love with Sumbawa nature. 

I had my second home, Townsite. I did my routines during this month in that town. Woke up in the really early morning - went to the office - went to the pit - went back to the office - went back to the townsite (sometimes I went to the beach for seeing sunset) - did exercises for my healthy - slept - and woke up again the morning. Oh Rabb, I missed all of the things in the townsite, I wish I could go there someday. Amin.
In the end of this month, everything was being so hectic. Deadline for finishing my thesis, prepared anything for the last presentation and made simple planing for my journey to the east - called the travel agen - made sure everything is OK , were really made my day being RAWR! Well, in this month, at least I had visited some exotic places, Tropika Beach, Rantung Beach and Yoyo Beach. 

Alhamdulillah, all of my assignment there finished this month, there were no busy days, busy weeks and busy month like a month before. After did my last presentation and accomplished the revision, there were MY BIG HOLIDAY! Flores. In this month, I`m totally being Dora The Explorer, hihi. Traveling around the Nusa Tenggara, started from Maluk in the West Sumbawa till Moni in the Flores and I did this journey by myself - solobackpacker - and it was really awesome - unforgettable experiences. I learned so ample things from this journey. How Flores people really really kind the travelers, how beautiful flores`s nature are. I`m pretty crazy thought about how God could made Flores being so marvelous. :) This month was closed by my journey in the East Java, met with my old friends. Thanks for the fabulous months Rabb! 

Recovery time.  In the end of this month, I went to Jakarta, stayed for 2 months there, did my final mapping with one of company in the Jakarta. For the hundred times, I still didn`t like Jakarta`s atmosphere. I promise, if I work in Jakarta, I will choose the nearest boarding house from my office. It`s better to walk 15 - 30 minutes than I have to ride angkot. Moreover, when rain came, oh God, flooding in everywhere. :(  I still remember when I had to walk from Jeruk Purut until Ampera street because of the flooding. Two hours just from Fatmawati street until Pejaten Street. *&&@&#&!!!!!! I think that`s the reason I didn`t like Jakarta. 

Had a great journey to the South Borneo. Spent 2 weeks in the middle of Rantau, went to the field everyday and this is the luxurius mapping I ever had. Hihiii. After got the data, went back to Jakarta to do studio analysis. Suddenly I become AGC (read: anak gaul citos), LoL, it`s just because my boarding house is located behind the CITOS (Cilandak Town Square) :).

Finished my final mapping, went back to Jatinangor and had special date with my thesis. Before I had special DATE with my report, I went to Kuningan to help editing some paper which will be published in Bulletin Geologi. Again, I met great people. Learned the new things again made me so felt grateful to the God. Thanks  for the oppurtunities :) . Besides that, because of the location closed to Mt.Ciremai, I could feel the air like when I breathe  in the mountain. Thanks Rabb. Although I couldn`t hike to the mountain this year, at least  I could felt that fresh air.

July, one of the hectic month in this year. After had a fight with my thesis, I needed a sweet escape and I went to Jogja visiting my friend.  In the last of this month, I presented my thesis to the audience in my faculty. And welcome Ramadhan!!!

Alhamdulillah, I could meet with Idul Fitri again. Thanks Rabb. Then, I went to Pulau Pasaran and Pulau Pisang to explore Lampung`s nature. And August was the last month to ngebolang! 

I did my mapping report from the first day in Sept. I dedicated my September only for mapping!


My Graduation day ! November is always mine!

It`s time for traveling! :)

#welcome 2014 !!!


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