my diary

When I opened my diary, I found something interesting. Check this out.!!

"hari ini gw ketemu ...., tapi dia sombong. Ih. kesel banget ngeliat tingkahnya..!! " -Feb 8th 2001-
I forgot the one whom I met in that day. I tried to remember it. But I can`t.. Foolish..

"hari ini gw maen ke rumah ajeng, terus main bekel. ... Enak dong main bekel..!! " - Feb 17th 2001-
Playing bekel can make us really happy..?? I don`t think so now. Maybe several yeras ago, It was happened but now ?  FB and twitter more interesting for elementary school students. :))

"hari ini gua main bulutangkis, terus gua kepanasan..Ih..sebel panasnya minta ampun..!! " - March 7th 2001-
no comment. hhaaa.. 

That`s what I wrote on my diary when I was ten years old. It was about 8 years ago, right..?

I remember, at that era, diary was really popular [it`s like a binder, but smaller with a cute picture as the background.]. 
We wrote our biodata on the other`s diary. In the end of our biodata, we should give "kamut - kata mutiara" or puzzle. hhii... I missed this moment so much. 

One thing that I learn is don`t be afraid or shy to write anything on diary. Just write anything. Maybe someday in the future, when we found it [like what I`d done], it will remember us about our past or our childhood. It`s really really interesting.



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