the time for tidung island [ holiday part 3]

yeey. yeey.. yeeyy.
my first holiday is diksar maar. * I can`t say it holiday, right?
my second holiday is geodas fieldtrip. *remember, I still have to make the report, holiday [?]
and this is the real holiday.. 
trip to tidung island, kepulauan seribu .. =D
In this trip, I don`t have to make the report, I don`t have to survive in the jungle, and the other "I don`t have to "

this vacation started on July 1st 2010 and finished on July 4th 2010.
I went to Tidung Island with agness, irman, awe, eja, ijal, opung, seno, eka and andi. [oh.. you don`t know them, right? I will tell about them soon in the next post..:) ] 
The girls are only me and agness in  this trip. The others are boys. *the girls in my faculty is being minority, It`s about 25 girls every year. That`s why the girls who joined this trip is very rare.

First day [ July 1st 2010]
Gathering in Bungamas and going to Jakarta together. Oh GOD..!!! If I couldn`t go to Jakarta, I will never go there anymore. It was so hot there. *lebay*.. I couldn`t breathe easily. The air was so stuffy. =.="
Everywhere,everytime, I always sweat.

Back to the topic. In my first vacation, I went to TaminI. Actually, It was "impromptu" plan. Arrived in Awe`s house and suddenly my friend told us how if we went to TMII to spend that day. Nice idea..!! and we just went there...!! Like crazy people, we only walked - walked - and walked coz nothing to do there. Just take some pictures and went to Mc.D for having lunch. =))

 this day is closed by sleeping in hot temperature.. huuhh.. haahh.. huuhhh.. haaahhh...

second day [ July 2nd 2010 ]

Got up at 3 o`clock and prepared anything for the trip to tidung island. At 4.30 we went to Muara Angke then continued by riding the boat. Uhhh.. The ship engine made me shaken. During 2 hours we were surrounded by the sea. water - water and water in everywhere. =.=" *mabok...

Arrived in tidung island, we were greeted by beautiful beach. I couldn`t wait the time when we swam there, played the white sand, and saw the mangrove =D. Before we did it, we had to go to our inn. Homestay. Woooww. It was cool. The house had some rooms with fan in everyplace. *the weather there was so hot.. The color was orange *orange = geology* hheee...

After put our luggage, we went to the east side of this island. We found a beautiful beach.

the pictures was taken in second day.
In this island, there`s a bridge which is called "Jembatan Cinta". This bridge connected the big island and the small island. In the afternoon, we could find people "jump" from this bridge into the sea . All of us tried it. Woooww... It`s amazing. You have to try this one if you go to this island. [ I`d tried it].. It needed big courage.*trust me

Next, we hunted sunset, but It was cloudy, so we couldn`t see it. =.=" .. 

third day  [July 3rd 2010]
OK..What would we do in this day..???
snorklng.. :)
Started it at 8.30 and during 6 hours we did our activity in the sea. It "burnt" me guys.. =(
We had 3 different spot with different scenery too.

*To reach our first spot, we had to riding the boat [again] during 1 hour. It shake me *esp. my stomach* again and again. But our *mabok* is comparable with the scenery which we get. Seeing clown fish, coral, starfish in close distance made me wanna touch them. >.< There`s so cute fish. =))

** Next destination was Karang Island. In this island, we could swim in the beautiful beach. The beach was very very very clean. 

*** The last spot was located in Tidung Island. Woow.. This is the best spot I ever seen. 

It was a tiring day. We had bbq too in the night and seeing a beach in the night.

the last day [ July 4th 2010 ]
We had to do nothing in this day. Just walking and visiting the east side of the island [again]. Good bye tidung island.. Hope will go there again next time. Thankz to the guide who accompany us during 3 days there. =))

Wait for the next trip.


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