VT oh VT

Jeng jeng jeng jeng..

Yesterday (hmm..actually not yesterday, but yesterday of yesterday of yesterday...*ya..kemaren kemaren dh maksudnya..) I had an interview to apply Vacation Training in Schlumberger. That was my first interview, I mean   I never had an interview besides interview in my faculty. :p (*nambah2 pengalaman)

Actually I knew about this VT from my senior. He had join this VT before and from his story I was really interested with it. And the requirements just CV and our GPA`s transcripts (well, actualy the GPA must be higher than 3,... so we can compete with others).  Then I applied it. :)

And the day was coming.

Waking up at 5 o`clock then I went to ITB (the interview was held in ITB) with Ica and Daniel. After arrived in ITB, we went to the room then waited for an hour (there was a presentation about Schlmbrgr in an hour, full Eglish man!).

This test was divided into some parts such as 3 minutes description, academics, fgd (forum group discussion then personal interview). From the beginning until the ending full using English. Oh GOD! It was so long time I didn`t practice my English, especially in conversation. So I just practise my conversation in that day (interview) then all of you can realize that I didn`t pass 1st test. hhe :) It`s Ok! At least, I`d tried. And now, I know how the atmosphere that my senior felt when they had an interview in foreign companies. It was......... (waawww.. you have to try it by yourself guys :) )

Just fyi the question that I`d to answer is about presentation skill. Everyone got different question. My friend got the question about power, weakness, responsilibty, etc. There`re so many question there. Yeah. It was a simple question but we had to answer it simply too. We`re required to think quickly - the answer is not out topic - simple - and don`t be nervous . Sometimes when we`re nervous we forgot anything that we wanted to say. And we have to practise practise and practise our English. It`s one of the important thing I think. I`ll use English again in my next post. See y!

Don`t be afraid to try something, If we never try, we never feel the taste of it. :)


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