This is Barracuda Day Not Graduation Day

"Neng, did you know that we would be cavalcade by barracuda?" , asked Teh Putu.
"Hah? Barracuda? What`s that?" answered me (Suddenly in my head, I thought about "kuda laut". So, we would swam in the sea or ......  Hhaa.)
Yap. My Graduation Day suddenly changed became Barracuda Day. Based on some Graduation Days before, my seniors who graduated would be cavalcade by pickup or riding the horse (for the boys) - walked around Dago Street and back to Dipati Ukur. So i never think that my graduation day would be totally different from the others. I didn`t know who had this idea, but I`m really appreciated to HMG (Himpunan Mahasiswa Geologi) which had prepared all of this procession, really really cool. Barracuda Day!

After finished all of the ceremony in the Graha Sanusi and stated by our rector that we were graduated formally, all of graduates from Faculty of Geological Engineering and the members of HMG did sabotage the parkir area in front of the Granus to do "the procession". One by one of the graduates was called by the host to get a souvenir from HMG (aaa..the souvenir is really cool), released the balloons to the sky, and did our ritual "Kopi Geologi". All of us (the graduates and the HMG) did this kopi geologi together. And the last, jeng jeng jeng, we drove the barracuda walking around Dago Street, such a famous people waved our hands to the people on the road. Not only the boys, but also the girls (who used kebaya) were on the roof of Barracuda. Oh God, the atmoshpere was really really made me speechless. Totally I really felt speechless that day. Thanks HMG!

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Kopi Geologi (photo from Teh Putu)


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