first winner

alhamdillah I`d got first place in triathlon, Forsi 2010. 
Actually, I didn`t join this competition. But my friend who join this competition couldn`t join it.
She has another planning so I had to replace the position. 

It was held on November, 13th 2010. 
The starting and final point was near arboretum. In triathlon, we had to swim (in arboretum, for the boys only) , bike, and run around Unpad Jatinangor (could we say it dwiathlon --> for girls? hhe) . The track was so far moreover we run around Unpad twice. You have to taste it guys. :p. 

*fyi : the participants for the girls only 3 people. :) hha

44 minutes 39 seconds became my time to do all of it.

*I stil feel the effect (headache) after I bike and run. 

But Thanks God.

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