Gold Deposit 2010 workshop

It was held on November 18-19th 2010 in Bandung. It was divided into 2 part

  • First part we learned about Epithermal Gold Deposits
  • Second part we learned about Porphyry Cu_Au Deposits (I stil confused about this material, although in the first part I confused too.. hoho) 

fyi : I joined this workshop in order to add my knowledge and open my mind about gold deposit.
(I stil "blank" about it).

The native speaker came from Australia, Noel C. White. *thanks Sir*
When I read his biography . Waaw. He had so many experience in this material.
He is a professor in many universities in the world, such as in Queensland, Beijing, etc.
He is inspiring me to go around the world. ( I like this part, going around the world, but before going around the world, I have to go to every place in Indonesia, there so many beautiful places here.)

But. The language that he used to communicate is English. And I stil in the learning process of it.
Sometimes I didn`t know what he told , the vocab is rare to me. *I rare or never heard it.
*I`m stil learning guys. :D
But I`m trying to understand the meaning of it. And Alhamdulillah I could get it although a little part.. 

From all of the material, I was interested when he showed us many pictures - interesting pictures. Many veins which have beautiful sketch showed to us *you have to see it directly. Not only about the veins but also the pictures of the exploration location. It makes me wanna go to every places there and absolutely take my picture with the location as the background behind me. LOL.

Spent my whole day by listening the workshop then I spent the night by having a dinner with them, the speaker too.. *How Lucky I was. Get a free dinner and I could eat with full. ahahahaa.. :)

I only take a few pictures in this workshop.
cincau - oishii

having lunch with them in first day

lunch together in 2nd day



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