The Procession

Some of my sisters and brother can graduate from this university today.
Call them teh Nadia, teh Amel, teh Faiza and Kang Dian.
All of them is 2006`ers. Actually, there`re some of my people who graduated today too.
But they didn`t join the *procession* (In Indonesia, it means "arak-arakan").
It`s our tradition to give them (who graduated) the last honor for their contribution to my faculty .

The procession started from Lap.MIPA and run around Unpad Jatinangor and the ending point was in my faculty. The atmosphere was very noisy and Unpad Jatinangor for an hour crowded with black and orange
It`s really gratify when we screamed GEOLOGY GEOLOGY GEOLOGY and sang symphony song.
The last, we appreciated them by doing push-up ala geology. 

Congratz for all of you.



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