HP 7

The last movie from Harry Potter had been released yesterday, November 19th 2010.
After waiting for a year I could watch it yesterday.

Actually I`m not so interested to watch HP again because in the some movies before, they were different with my imagination when I read the novel. Many parts different with my expectations. The plot was making me confused.  

Then when I open my FB - bbm, my friends- who had watched HP 7- said that It was amazing.awesome.etc. That`s making me wanna watch it. And after I watched it, I have the same opinion with them.

The movie is really great,,4 thumbs for this movie.!

The story which is told in the movie has same similarity with the novel. Many things. That`s make a difference with the older movie. In additional, Harry - Hermione - Ron changed become adult and they look so awesome  in this movie. I remembered in first movie, they were so cute, but NOW, WOOWWW.... * I can`t say it * REALLY AWESOME. :D

 I stil wait for the second part of this movie. It will be released on June 2011. Oh men. I can`t wait it.


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